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Our vision in the community;

"To see people's lives transformed in Uxbridge through knowing God's love and living Christ's way"




Baptism is the ceremony through which people are welcomed into the Christian faith.


At St Margaret’s we baptise people of any age as part of our regular church services throughout the year. Most baptisms take place at the font, but we are also happy to baptise by full immersion – not so popular with babies!


If you are thinking of being baptised yourself or having a baby or child baptised, please come to one of our regular services and ask to speak to a member of the clergy (Andrew, June or Tim) afterwards. We look forward to seeing you.



We are always delighted when a couple want to get married in church. Being married in the sight of God and in such a beautiful setting can make for a very special wedding day.

If you’d like to find out more about getting married at St Margaret’s, please ring the vicar, Andrew Sheard, on 01895–237853.


Just a word of warning – it is not always possible to marry everyone in St Margaret’s. The Church of England has criteria about who can be married in church, which include things like having a connection with St Margaret’s, such as living in the parish. But please do ring Andrew, who will be happy to explain further.


We know that our loving God draws especially close to people in times of sadness such as bereavement.


At St Margaret’s we too want to support bereaved families and friends in any way we can at this difficult time.


We are happy to assist in conducting a funeral, either in

St Margaret’s or at the crematorium or cemetery.

To find out more, please ring our parish office on 01895 258766



Root Groups


Root groups is the name we give at St. Margaret’s to small groups of people which meet (normally in people’s homes) to explore and deepen their faith.


In small groups it is possible to discuss and explore faith together, to ask questions and to develop closer and more supportive relationships with others.


At St. Margaret’s we have groups meeting on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and on Monday and Thursdays during the day. They normally meet in people’s homes


A Root group meets at St Margarets Church on a Thursday morning at 11.30am


If you would like to join a Root group, please speak to one of the clergy after any service or refer to the contact us page on this website

Prayer and Healing

Following Jesus’ example and teaching, as part of our Church life, we are committed to praying for one another’s needs, and this will include at times praying for healing.


There is a prayer ministry team at St. Margaret’s and people are available to pray during or after services, normally in the chapel area. During most services of Holy Communion the Team are available to pray for people after they have received Communion.


The team are also available at all special services with Prayer for Healing which tend to be bi-monthly on Sundays and monthly on Friday lunchtimes.


The team are please to pray with anyone, and no matter is too small or insignificant for God to care about. Please feel free to take advantage of this opportunity to draw closer to God.

Alpha Courses


Do you have questions about life?

What is it really all about? alpha_logo

Why am I here?

Where am I heading?

Is forgiveness possible?

What is going to happen when I die?

Is God really there? Can I know him?


Alpha offers the opportunity to explore the Christian faith and to ask whether it offers any real answers. It is a relaxed and friendly place where it is possible to ask anything – no question is too simple or too hostile for Alpha.


Each session includes a talk about a particular aspect of the Christian faith, refreshements (a vital part of Alpha!) and a time in small groups to discussion and raise questions.


For details of our next course, please contact

Tina Rapson on 01895 813923 or by email at

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